Hello There...

My name is Jin, and I am “The Multifarious Mom” ...


So first of all…what the hell does that mean?!?!



ˌməltəˈferēəs/ (adjective)

  • many and of various types. "multifarious activities"

  • having many varied parts or aspects. "a vast multifarious organization"

  • Synonym for "Multifaceted"

I love the word and no one is really using it (via social media handles)


So -- I am into a lot of things…if you read my bio you will know that I had a business that consisted of many facets. I built my business around all the things that I love and this blog will be no different. 


I know that my main purpose and root of my being is in teaching. As I look back on my life I realize I always ended up in a space where I taught, either as a teacher, mentor or leader. 


When I became a mother, I had an “A-Ha” moment - everything has led me to this, all the things have shaped me to be a Mother to my dear daughter. So, with that said, this blog will serve a dual purpose -  I want to be able to chronicle the lessons I attempt to teach my daughter and also share as ‘I’ learn and grow, with each of you.


Now I love many things and to my core am a creative being - True Pisces!! - all of which you will notice throughout my blog. I will share recipes, DIY projects, crafting ideas, life lessons, rants about being a wife & mother and lifestyle tips/tricks/failures. I will also share other random things that I love like my fascination with Gong Fu Cha, my fitness struggles, meditation & mindfulness and so much more. Now this title can mean so many other things and as I evolve from a new Mom, those other things will reveal themselves and make its way to this blog, I am sure of it. All I know, is I promise you — I will stay true to the title and absolutely be -

“The Multifarious Mom”   


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