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100 Day Challenge

Today I started a thing!!!!!

I committed to 100 days of conscious effort toward my health and fitness. The tool I am using is Beachbody "Morning Meltdown 100" - 100 workouts in 100 days.

So how did I get here?

Well when I turned 39 this year I had a theme to focus on, which I dubbed "Road to 40." SO far, I have spent this year yo-yoing with diet and fitness. Not doing well at all. Then I went to see my general practitioner and found out I was at risk of high blood pressure. She gave me 30 days to change my habits and lose weight. I immediately started running everyday and working on eliminating certain things from my diet, which was mostly any outside food. When it came time for my follow up appointment I rescheduled because....after about 2 weeks I slowed down....my daughter was sick, I got sick and I just stopped...so I knew she would say something. So I postponed the follow up for a month, and told myself to get it together. I fell short. I went to my appointment and she still wanted to monitor me and did not prescribe pills, she said she was confident I can get this. So a month had past after this last visit and I was doing better but I still needed work. A friend of mine, a Beachbody Coach, asked me to join a free Facebook 7 Day fitness challenge, with a group of other coaches and women.

That 7 days lit a fire in me....I was on it with my workouts and food. I actually ended up winning the challenge. I was in awe and even cried, haha. During the challenge we spoke about a new Beachbody program that was launching called Morning Meltdown 100. I thought to myself maybe I can do this, it's time. Turned out I had to pay another fee on top of my current Beachbody membership in order to get access to this new program, which is only being released as a VIP program. So then I was like "oh well, I will do something else"....UNTIL I found out I won the 7 day challenge and my prize was the VIP program!!!! AND THAT WAS WHY I CRIED!!!!! I didn't realize how much I truly wanted this. I didn't realize how much I needed this boost of confidence from this group and my coach.

So here we are today, July 29th, 2019 - the first day of the program. All of last week I had been preparing for this...with working out, meal planning, meditation and really focusing on a mindset that would get me ready for what seemed to be a scary commitment. Scary in the sense that I felt like I would fall short and fail.

During this prep week I made a video and posted it on my social media...to share what I was committing to...I got so much support and as a result several friends and family wanted to join me. Now I have a chat group with them and together we have been supporting each other the past several days in preparation for the 100 day challenge. I also am a part of a private Facebook group with my coach and several of her clients who are doing this challenge and these women are amazing. So, I have a ton of support to get through this, and for that I am truly grateful.

I completed Day 1's workout this morning - however I did have a few obstacles along the way...but I was able to not allow them to distract or stop me from completing my workout. This first workout was so wonderful and I felt like a total badass....

I plan to share my 100 day journey here, but you can also check me out on IG stories for regular updates.

Looking ahead for what I know will be a wonderful transformation!

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