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25 Days of Christmas


I am just so excited that I can take my holiday obsession to another level with my little munchkin. I know she is still very young and will not remember anything that we do, but I do think the idea of Christmas and Family Tradition will absolutely begin to peak an interest that will only get stronger with each year.

Dollar Store Haul

With that said....do you know what else I love???? The beauty of social media (yeah there is some) -- when you are a part of a community filled with like minded people who share their activities, hobbies and things they love - you learn so much from each other. I follow a bunch of other moms who create these monthly play challenges. I joined in for the month of November and will be playing along with my mini-me this December. The past few weeks I have been combing the aisles of a variety of dollar stores, to pick up bits and bobs for our holiday activities. I have also rummaged through both mine and my daughters craft stash. Topping it off with a few random items from our Christmas decor bin and various objects from around the house. Our activities will be LIT!!!! hahaha...

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One Day until December, but we just had to get started with this holiday small world

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