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40 Days In! || 100 Day Challenge

Wow! It has been 40 days into my 100 day challenge - and it has been amazing!!! The transformation taking place in mind, body and spirit has been an incredible process for me.

This process has been true HEARTWORK!!!

Originally this journey started with the threat of high blood pressure, weighing heavy on my shoulders. I was afraid, fearful and jump started this journey determined to lose weight and not have to take blood pressure pills.

However, an unexpected turn took place - as I have been doing the work of reflection, processing and the physical workouts, I have uncovered and rediscovered so much about myself. What triggers me to start and stop, what boundaries I needed to set, how my body responds to certain foods and the beauty of truly listening to my body. I became aware that this was not about losing weight, but about doing the work on the inside.

Taking time to focus on my spiritual growth, through meditation and prayer, journaling my process, speaking with my coach and conversations with the women in my challenge group. This all helped me take a deep dive within myself and begin to heal the things that I had often let get in my way. Get in my way of success, growth, and basically just living my best life. Doing this work naturally helped me to stay motivated, to keep pushing, working out daily and maintaining better nutrition practices.

These past 40 days, I have done a lot of meditating and journaling and the common theme of 'Love for self' has continuously come up as well as love for my family. My WHY for this entire process is actually LOVE (not the losing weight or my physical appearance)! This love and this whole journey is what I like to call "HEARTWORK." This started with making sure I had a healthy heart (physically) but it also has evolved or has been revealed to me that this work is about healing what was within ... for me this sums up the heart of joy. I am learning to love and appreciate this body of mine.

This work has opened up new parts of me and old forgotten parts. Bringing back my dedicated sacred time in the early mornings and at least once a week outdoors at the park -- has been a huge part of my journey. During this time I pray, meditate, journal, practice yoga and breath work. These were moments I enjoyed prior to becoming a mom and I had forgotten how imperative it was for me and so necessary for my mental health.

This work has also got me feeling sensual (a feeling I had forgotten for sometime now.) This work has me looking at myself so differently and loving every scar, lump or things I once found unattractive - now are revealed to be absolutely beautiful and uniquely me. I am appreciating every part of me.

This 100 day challenge is providing me with many tools to create a strong foundation to move forward after the 100 days. My journaling will definitely serve as a reminder of my growth, strength and determination throughout this process. Something I can look back on when things get a little tough; when I need to be reminded of what I am capable of; what makes me happy; and keeps me grounded.

I am truly grateful to myself for saying YES, and committing to 100 days, for being vulnerable, and open to receive. Most of all, I am grateful, for my one and only body and her incredible strength, she has carried me throughout my whole life and has repeatedly shown me in these past 40 days how fierce she really is, inside and out. Here is to the next 60 days, I am looking forward to continuing this beautiful process!


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