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Updated: Oct 26, 2018

Time with Daddy ❤️ It is a beautiful thing to watch my hubby and baby girl together 😊My husband beams with pure joy when he is with his little girl. LOL, he is in this phase where he must record everything she does, it is cute - however, it is a slight problem for me because often times I am caught in the video looking like a tree monster, lol.

There relationship reminds me of my own with my father. I am very close with my father and love the way our relationship has blossomed over the years. At times, I still catch my father beaming with joy when we spend time together and it warms my heart. Growing up my father would always braid my hair (in box braids) for the summer so that I could go swimming and play and not worry about my hair. He took so much pride in doing that. And when I was pregnant with my daughter he offered to do the same and spent a good 3 hours braiding my hair when I was about 6 months pregnant - what a beautiful, beautiful moment. He is excited to teach my husband to do the same for his granddaughter when she is a little older and that will be undoubtedly a beautiful bonding experience.

I look forward to watching my little girl and her father's relationship blossom, they are already best buds, she is absolutely a daddy's girl.

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