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DIY Felt Jewelry

Motherhood -- I often shock myself! Why? Because I did not think I would be here...

What I mean is - I thought I would be a completely different type of mom - and actually before that thought - I didn't ever truly think I would ever be a mom <-- WOW!

I can't even tell you who I thought I would be, as a Mom, when I was 25 - but it sure wasn't the type of Mom I am shaping out to be. I guess, what I am getting at here is - you truly don't know until you are living within the experience....

So what type of Mom am I? First of all a STAY AT HOME MOM!!! <---WHAT I surely didn't think that was for me, not until the moment I found out I was pregnant, then this whole new person was suddenly ME!

Second, a super crafty, do it yourself, make all things type o' Momma <--- this is not that big of a surprise because I have always been pretty crafty since I was a wee little girl. But I do still surprise myself with the many ideas and creations I would love to create for my daughter as well as fun crafts to teach her as she grows...

So with all that said - here is a fun craft project I spent 3 evenings working on (mainly because there is no way to get this done during the day with my little one, lol)

I decided to grab some felt pieces and make some play jewelry to add to my daughters ever growing "Imagination Station" (more on this in a future blog post)

#dressup #invitationtoplay

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