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DIY Peg Dolls

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I am a big fan of open-ended play and loose parts play - as it allows for children to express themselves freely and creatively using materials that have limitless possibilities.

I have always loved crafts since I was a little girl...I would imagine something and try to create it with items I had around the house. That passion has evolved now, especially now that I have a daughter. I want to give her the world and I want to be very thoughtful about how I go about that. I definitely do not want to go broke by buying her every toy I see, or get things she would totally grow out of using.

Instead, I am much more interested in making sure she has toys that will grow with her and even become heirlooms that can be passed down.

So combining my passion for crafting, a little imagination, with a sprinkling of Pinterest. I have been on a mission to develop my daughters collection of wooden heirloom toys that I can DIY as much as possible.

One open-ended toy I really love are Peg dolls, I absolutely love peg dolls and the vast ways they can be designed and incorporated into play. Now you can go out and buy the VERY expensive brands of these toys, but we are on a budget over here, PLUS I love to be very hands-on.

I hit up Amazon and began searching for unfinished wooden peg dolls, paint pens, and Mod Podge. (Use my links on the left to get your very own supplies). The process to paint and the design the dolls is actually very easy and doesn't take much time. It really depends on how detailed you want to be, and that is when Pinterest will come in handy with some design ideas.


STEP 1: Grab a peg doll and paint pen, then create your designs. If you

want to add details use a pencil to draw the outlines before you begin painting.

STEP 2: After paint has fully dried, grab a sponge brush, dip it in Mod Podge and then paint the Mod Podge all over the doll. Let dry completely.

STEP 3: PLAY!!!!!!

This is certainly not the only way to go about painting the peg dolls or any unfinished wooden toys. Another method I love to use is staining the wood. In this case you would use liquid water color.


STEP 1: Grab a gallon size ziplock bag. Add a few tablespoons of liquid watercolor.

STEP 2: Add unfinished wooden toy to the bag. Seal and then shake until toy is completely covered in paint. Let dry a few hours. NOTE: In this case the wood will soak up much of the paint, so you may want to repeat this process 2 or 3 times until you are satisfied with the tint of the stain.

STEP 3: Once completely dry, seal with Mod Podge. Have Fun!

The rainbow in this photo was painted using the liquid watercolor method.

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