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Dyed Eggshells - Earth Day

Here is a fun earth day activity I did with my 19 month old, using eggshells glue and paper ;-)

This was a great opportunity to talk about our planet, read books, sing songs and show pictures of Mother Earth. We talked about the words circle and sphere, the colors blue and green, sticky (glue), press (into glue). A wonderful sensory activity, as well, between the texture of the shells and the feeling of the glue on her hands. She enjoyed every bit of it.

Egg Dye Materials:

-dried and crushed eggshells

- white vinegar

- Green and Blue food coloring

- two containers

Divide egg shells between the two containers. Add vinegar to each container, enough to cover eggshells. Add a tablespoon of food color in each container. Let sit for several hours until the eggshells reach the desired shade, I let mine sit for about 5 hours. Remove eggshells from liquid and let air dry completely.

*Tip: Place eggshells in hot oven for a few minutes to help remove excess liquid, then let air dry until completely dry.

Art Materials:

- paper

- black marker

- glue

- 2 bowls

- tape

To set up:

1. Using black marker, draw your best quick version of Earth, on the paper. Then tape down paper on art table.

2. In two separate bowls place your dyed eg shells.

3. Spread glue on your earth drawing.

4. Invite your toddler, to create their own version of our planet using the dyed eggshells.Make sure to use the opportunity to talk all about the wonderful things our planet offers.


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