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Goals 2019

Ahhh... It's that time of year where everyone is thinking of their "Resolutions" -- I personally don't like to use that word "Resolutions" but prefer the term Goals! Goals allow me to focus, problem solve and re-direct when necessary to achieve my said list of goals. I create a list of goals that I want to accomplish for the year and normally it takes a full year to shape and transform into what usually ends up being much more than I had originally imagined.

My Process:

Starting on November 1st, I sit down and begin to think of the goals I want to accomplish the upcoming year. I go back and take a look at the goals I set for the current year and then think about what I have accomplished and what needs work, in the new year. I spend the next 60 days, meditating and processing the things I would like for myself and my family.

How do I accomplish my goals? Every 3 months or so, I look back at this list and do a little self assessment. This serves as not only a reminder, but also gives me an opportunity to think about what I have been doing and also snap myself out of something I probably shouldn't or should be doing.

For me this has been a great way to sit down and truly, realistically, think about things I want to change or do differently. Now, don't think I accomplish all my goals on my list each year. I definitely do not, however this system has been a great way to stay focused, positive & grateful in all things that life has put forth my way.

My Goals:

It has been over 10 years that I have done this practice and it has benefitted me in so many ways. From building a business, to TTC'ing, to financial growth, spiritual growth and self-care. These categories are among the few things I touch on when thinking about my goals and personal growth, relationships and more. Below I have shared with you a template of the categories I use and perhaps you may want to try it out for yourself:

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