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How To Dye Pasta Noodles

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

I absolutely love creating small worlds for my daughter to explore.

Small world play, also known as invitation to play, is a way to create an imaginative world filled with different sensory elements for a child to explore. You can begin to create very simple small worlds using existing toys, natural elements collected outdoors, as well as manipulating household items and foods to replicate different elements. Anything you can think of really, to create an inviting as well as engaging environment for your child. Small world play is a fantastic way for little ones to learn and build on language skills as well as imagination.

One easy way to create elements reflecting grass, water, dirt and much more is to dye rice or pasta noodles. Today I worked on dying a few packs of egg noodles, I picked up at the dollar store (I don't use my good stuff, haha). The great thing is you pretty much have these items in your home already and, if not, all are available at your local dollar store and grocery store. This method can be used on dry white rice as well.

I used Liquid Watercolor, but food coloring works just as well. It is a matter of what you have on hand.

What you will need:

- Gallon size ziplock bags

- Pasta Noodles (any shape or size)

- Food coloring or Liquid Watercolor

- Hand sanitizer

- Newspaper

How to:

1. In a ziplock bag add your pasta

2. Add a few drops of your chosen food color

3. Add 2 - 3 squirts of hand sanitizer

4. Zip bag and shake shake shake until all the pasta is covered and to your satisfaction.

5. Finally spread pasta out on newspaper to dry for at least an hour. Then time to play!

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