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Invitation to Play

What does "Invitation to play" mean?

An invitation to play is just a really simple way for you to spark your child's interest by setting up their toys in new and different ways…inviting them in. You want to create an environment that is engaging and encourages them to explore, investigate, question, touch and feel.

My daughter is still very young (14 months) so it sometimes takes her a while to explore, but when she initially sees the set up, she is always fascinated by her surprise. She may stare at it for a while and grab a single item to play with. I usually leave it set up for her to explore when she is ready.

It is important to know that most kids will not play with things the way you might think they should. It is okay, the idea is to let them develop and use their own imagination...things almost always turn out very differently from what you planned, lol.

Here are a few examples of what we have done.

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