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Let the Potty Training Commence!

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

This morning we introduced the Potty!!!!!! For the past couple of months, Baby girl has been good about telling me when she poops. So I figured I would pull out her potty and begin to slowly incorporate a “smooth” transition to potty training over the next few months. She will be 16 months in 2 days, so we will take this one day at a time. Hey she may be fully potty trained by the age of two...let's see how it all turns out...

Here is what I am thinking we will try the next few weeks...a.k.a. LEVEL 1

Week 1: Introduce the potty and what it is for. When Mommy goes potty (she always follows me in the bathroom anyway) she will sit down on her potty, this is to help get an understanding of what it is for.

Week 2: During our morning routine we will take a potty break...

Week 3: Then we will incorporate the potty break as part of our bath time routine...

Week 4: We will continue this routine and see where we are at and if we are ready we will move into introducing pull ups during the day.

For now we will see if and how long this routine will last....I will keep you posted on our process and when we move forward to LEVEL 2!

Let's do this...........

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