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Morning Basket

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

I spend quite a lot of time reading on the many types of approaches of early learning and homeschooling. I am fond of the different philosophies behind Emilio Reggio, Charlotte Mason and Montessori and Waldorf in particular. Throughout my research and following other families on social media, I have repeatedly come across the idea of the "Morning Basket." A routine many homeschoolers use to start their mornings. This includes certain subjects that they may not cover extensively, to books to read aloud as a family, bible study, games and more. Morning Baskets are designed based on each families unique dynamic. However, the overall idea is to start the day peacefully with goodness and beauty.

I introduced the concept of the morning basket to my family about 3 months ago. Our Family Morning Basket is actually used throughout the day during meal times. In the mornings I sing songs to my daughter, read poetry, use flashcards, read chapter books and play out scenes with finger puppets. I usually do 2 or 3 short readings/activities with her, it changes everyday depending on the mood. We often continue the same during lunch. At dinner, when Daddy is home we often read & chat about some sort of historical lesson I prepared (based on our monthly theme), or do a short bible study and chat about what we were grateful for that day. We try to do this Monday - Friday but sometimes life just gets a little chaotic or we are out or we simply just skip it for the day. It is okay, it is not a perfect practice but we are sure to do it as often as possible.

Here is a look at what our version of a Morning Basket looks like:

Our November Morning Basket - Theme: Gratitude in the Fall

What: Read Aloud & Activities - Seasonal/Monthly themed basket of goodies

Top 3 must do’s:

  1. Read/Chat about devotional/Prayer & Gratitude

  2. Read Aloud: choose from poems, stories, history, nature, artist, composers, fairytales, etc.

  3. Sing songs and/or Activity

Basket includes:

  • Focused theme (Seasonal)

  • Index card with Bible verse of the week/discussion question

  • Study Bible

  • Children’s Bible

  • Learning Activity for Zoë (flash cards, life skills, etc.)

  • Learning Spanish (song, book, flash cards, activity or game)

  • Morning Binder - contains music, history sheets & monthly activities

  • Books: poetry, fairytales, history, nature, artists, composers, etc.

  • Art & drawing supplies & activities

  • Occasional Surprises!!!!

This is what works for us. It really depends on the ages and interests of your family and what is most important to you as a family. The common denominator across the board of Morning Baskets, I have noticed, is the idea of starting/ending your day with positivity, goodness & gratitude.

I plan to do a monthly share with you of what our basket typically looks like each month. Make sure you are following @TheMultifariousMom on Facebook and Instagram for more frequent updates.

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