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November Library Haul

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

I believe that one of the best ways to get your child into reading, is by starting as early as possible. I have been reading to my daughter everyday since she was born. At home, she constantly sees Mommy and Daddy reading our own books and she even has her own personal library in her room that she frequently explores and "reads" all on her own.

When my daughter turned 6 months, we started visiting the library weekly for free activities, playdates and of course books.When she hit 11 months I decided it would be a fun idea to start picking out books according to themes for that particular month.

I have a particular formula I like to follow. Here are my 5 Library Haul Rules:

1. No more than 5 books at a time

2. One book of poetry

3. At least two picture books

4. Talk about the message or lesson as a family (a Morning Basket Activity)

5. Repetition is key! READ EVERYDAY!

We read these books over and over throughout the month, and I organize a variety of fun activities centered around the monthly theme, to bring it all together. I will begin to share our themes and #libraryhauls each month (sometimes twice a month) and perhaps you will find a few ideas and books to add to your family reading list.

For the month of #November or theme is GRATITUDE! Our family tradition is to focus on Gratitude for the month of November. So naturally this extends to our little girl.

Thanksgiving is near and my husband and I have had a long tradition of focusing this particular month on the things we are grateful for and reflecting on the year. We have a Gratitude jar that we contribute to each day and on Thanksgiving we read through all of the notes we dropped in. In general we try to share our affirmations as a daily practice. However, often times we do have our moments and allow life to get the best of us and forget. So, during the month of November we purposefully write a short note for the day and drop it into our Gratitude jar.

This is a practice we like to have our daughter observe and also something we talk to her about. She may not understand its overall purpose just yet. But one day (hopefully) it will become her own personal habit.

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