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Updated: Oct 26, 2018

For new Mom's a really big question we often get asked or ask ourselves "WHEN TO START SOLIDS" and/or to begin trying the baby-led weaning approach?!? When it comes to solids, many pediatricians say you can start as early as 4 months with single ingredient purees mixed with breast milk/formula with a very thin consistency and very small amounts (and as a compliment, not main source of food, which should still be BM or Formula). As they get older the texture and amount will increase as well as adding additional fresh ingredients.

For us, we started at 5 months with a variety of simple homemade purées (apple, squash, banana, zucchini, peas) mixed with formula. I am a big fan of letting my girl lead the way (or rather I just observe where she is at and when it looks like she is ready for something, I give it a try).

With my pediatricians guidance/suggestions in mind, I went with my daughters flow, increasing the amount of food based on her letting me know she was still hungry, as well as learning her favorite flavors based on her reactions to different fruits, veggies and spices.

It is also important to keep in mind when and how many teeth and which teeth they have. My baby girl started out with her two bottom teeth and I slowly started to give her more chunky foods as she got used to this whole idea of eating (not drinking from a bottle). Its important to supervise your little one as you experiment with different textures and sizes of food items.

Also it will take a little while before they understand how to use utensils (which is why sensory play is important, it develops the foundation of their motor skills). Even though they may not understand how to use a spoon, when they start to reach out for it, let them hold on to a spoon while you feed them (or they feed themselves) occasionally showing them how to use the spoon (they may not cooperate).

In this photo, she reached for the spoon, so I let her “feed” herself the last few bites, so she can feel involved and also gradually learn how to use a spoon.

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