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Space for Freedom

I love my tea time Gong Fu Cha Style! {What is that? Read this post}....

My first 15 months of motherhood, I found it difficult to sit down and enjoy long tea sessions... there were mornings where I thought I could get in a good 30 minute session, only to sit down right after selecting and measuring out my tea to find that I cannot take a sip because baby girl is now awake!


Nap time was out of the question because that was when I was finally getting a chance to shower, then eat while; cleaning, laundering, preparations for dinner, work stuff, etc.

Then by the time she finally went to bed for the night, it was quality time with hubby, then more work and finally my bedtime.

Fast forward to about 3 months ago.... ya girl, finally, got it togethaah!!!! I have found a balance and my Gong Fu Cha game is back, baby!!!! My daily meditation + tea ritual (along with yoga, biking & running again - another meditative/freeing space of time for me.) It’s back and consistent in my life again!!! This is what keeps me sane and balanced, alive and fun! I definitely had to apply a new system, in which to make sure I get these things in regularly (pre-mommy Jin was wild and free with her time... that’s gone once you have kids, lol.)

The past couple of months I have been feeling so good and I know it’s because I incorporate that #selfcare time. I have so much more energy for everything... Let me tell you, when you become a mother it 💯 takes a toll on you, it’s a whole new world that you have to learn to balance.... but it is important to find your way, your peace... and I promise it will make the journey of #motherhood and #parenthood so much more beautiful! For me it starts with my tea time.#teagivesmelife and I am #fullofgratitude

If you are interested in learning more about my tea obsession, check out my tea blog JINandTEA on Tumblr!

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