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Summer Bucket List for Toddlers

Updated: May 30, 2019

Summer is here and I want to have fun!!! I also want to make sure (this and every summer) is MEMORABLE AND AFFORDABLE!!!!

As a SAHM I want make sure we get out as much as possible, but I do want to avoid excessive spending, especially since toddlers don't need much to be entertained. I don't think we have to spend tons of money to have fun, or venture very far. So with that in mind, I put together a list of

activities that take advantage of the wonderful outdoor spaces within our community. For the rainy days or blazing hot days we also have a list of fun art activities to do, that can also be transitioned to outdoors. For example, bring a few art supplies to the local park and paint in the shade.

This list really just requires a check of the weather, minimal planning and a small bit of preparation for a ton of fun and endless memories.These ideas are fitting for any toddler ages 18 months and up. I hope you will find a few ideas to add to your summer activity list:

  1. Free Activities - places to go within your community

  2. Low Cost Activities - places that cost a few dollars and require a small bit of travel

  3. Artsy Activities - things to do at home with your toddler, using found items from your outdoor excursions and a few craft materials that are easily accessible at any dollar store and/or grocery store.

Free Activities

  • Picnic at the Park (while at the park collect interesting rocks and sticks for a nature collection. See my picnic essentials list here.)

  • Lunch at the Playground with friends

  • Nature Scavenger Hunts (fun way to incorporate the alphabet or learning the names of things found in the park)

  • Fly a kite (or helium balloon)

  • Visit the splash pad

  • Have an outdoor Tea Party

  • Karaoke night

  • Movie night

  • Sign up for Library Summer activities (local libraries often have summer activities weekly, check them out)

  • Get on your local Parks & Recreations email list for summer events & activities listings

Low Cost Activities

  • Visit a farm and go berry picking

  • Visit a zoo

  • Visit the Aquarium

  • Visit the Farmers Market & have a picnic

  • Visit the Beach (make sand castles & collect seashells)

  • Go out for Ice Cream

  • Visit your local bakery for fresh cookies

  • Sign up to EventBrite & Groupon for updates and discounts on local events

Artsy Activities

  • Make a summer journal (create a fun cover and use it to save found leaves, flowers, drawings)

  • Make homemade bubbles

  • Make homemade jam (with those berries from the farm, here is a recipe)

  • Make sun catchers

  • Bake & decorate cookies or cupcakes

  • Paint rocks from your nature collection

  • Paint sea shells from your nature collection

  • Paint sticks and twigs, to make magic wands

  • Water balloon toss

  • Make Puffy Paint (Mix equal parts shaving cream & glue, add food coloring)

  • Make slime

  • Chalk paint (In a ziplock bag crush chalk, then add water! Use this for painting on canvases or sidewalk)

For more tips on surviving the summer as a Stay at Home Mom - check out my friends over at Mamahood In A Nutshell!

Download our checklist here.

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