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The Honest Mothers

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

For the past 2 months, I have had the wonderful honor to join several ladies on a collaborative Instagram page called "The Honest Mothers" A group of 7 women from all around the world. We take turns each week posting and sharing a look into our lives and what motherhood looks like for each of us. We also use this as a space to inspire and encourage other moms. I post every Friday, and share whatever is on my mind that day or week..... I encourage you to follow and join the conversations.

Here is a look at my latest post..... "My life is like a badly written film..."

Somedays I wake up and think to myself that I am in a really badly written movie where the script calls for me to repeat the same day over and over and OVER #SAHMlife ugh....

Here are a couple of thoughts that are on constant repeat in my mind as of late.....

ONE: My hands once were soft and smooth... now, they are dry and rough from constantly washing dishes, cleaning and scrubbing, laundry, washing my hands after changing a seriously gross diaper.

TWO: Time to myself was once an easy up and go whenever and wherever and do whatever I wanted! Today ... it’s a series of events and planning and not to mention limited time that WILL be cut short at any moment.... so now I just spend my alone time waiting for the inevitable interruption.

THREE: This is a 25/8 job, and my hubby comes home and gets a warm meal, clean house and his daughter and wife loving on him .... but then he shortly retreats to his own routine, whilst I continue the cleaning, child minding and then husband loving.... feeling exhausted and ready to drop face down into bed, but also wanting to knock my husband upside the head ..... Next day REPEAT!!!!!!!

This routine gets quite annoying, if I am being honest.

Now on to a positive note...

ONE: Even though my hands look crazy right now, my daughter always wants my arms around her and loves for me to play in her hair..... this happens at random moments that are always heartwarming and uplifting no matter how I am feeling.

TWO: I think I have a handle on my 10 minute getaways in my bedroom, where I can breath and center myself before going into action. Those moments have been keeping me sane..... I have also taken on two Saturdays a month to leave the house and do whatever (text and calls are still happening but I am getting better at accepting it and not getting irritated)

THREE: To be able to be home with my daughter in her formative years is a great gift that I am truly grateful for... no matter how tough the days may seem... I am still able to watch every milestone, play with her and teach her new things....and I appreciate my husband for supporting this decision and working his butt off to provide for us.

So even though some days life seems like a badly written movie ..... I wouldn’t change it for the world! #ourhonestmotherhood

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