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Updated: Oct 26, 2018

Family time at the Zoo - creates fond memories and is a great space for learning opportunities and observation for our little ones. I have noticed through mommy groups and on social media, many parents wonder when is a good age to introduce your baby to the Zoo. I think it depends on the baby, if they are starting to seem more curious about their surroundings, the Zoo is a great place to take them out of there element and begin to be "wowed". We took our girl for the first time at 8 months, for her I noticed it was great exposure to a new and interesting place... new faces, smells, the animals and overall great adventure. She didn't seemed overwhelmed, but beware they do get bored pretty quickly, so I do suggest bringing along plenty of snacks and toys to change it up and to keep them engaged throughout the trip.

I mean really at this age it’s still the parents getting excited... but I do think it is important to expose your baby as early as possible, if only, to see the difference in their reaction and response as they get older. It’s similar to how they play with toys. Toys my girl had at 6 months, she now handles them differently and learns new ways to play with them everyday... it is fascinating to watch 🤗

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