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DIY Vintage Rag Doll

Anyone who knows me knows I love to be crafty. I have been a Maker since I was a little girl. But this hobby has grown into a deep desire to show my daughter the beauty and appreciation in crafting your own as well as creating cool things she can cherish and even pass down to her own children. My passion to create has also turned into a desire to include my daughter in all of the projects that I work on (with a secret hope that she will one day find her own interests in the crafty world, lol). I try to find ways that she can participate if only just a little (because you know, toddler attention spans #19monthsold). From helping me choose colors of fabric, to letting her press the peddle of the sewing machine, to even sitting her on my lap as I knit. I can’t explain how wonderful it feels to be able to show and share some of my favorite things with her and that she actually finds it interesting.

So about my latest project: I have been wanting to get an old fashion rag doll for my daughter for quite some time, but the cost of these handmade beauties are well over $50 (understandable). Well, as I previously noted, I am a Maker, and I thought to myself “I can totally make this myself, and use scrap fabric from my sewing stash.” So after a little bit of Pinterest inspiration, I drew a pattern and here is the result. Just in time for Easter! You can find patterns all over the internet, but I wanted something customized to my vision. It didn't turn out perfect (a few sewing mistakes) but it is perfectly filled with love. What I love most is she can have this for years and with natural wear and tear, I love the idea of patching up this doll when necessary, making little outfits and even new stuffie friends down the line. When my daughter found it Easter morning along with her basket, she gave her new Bunny a kiss and hug....my heart melted. Priceless moments I will treasure. I don't think my daughter has put it together that this was the project she watched me work on the previous day, but some day she will get to know the story of the birth of her Rag Doll Bunny, lol.

Oh and in case you were wondering this measures 3 feet long from the top of the ears to the tips of the feet, it is as big as my daughter.

More rag dolls? I do have plans to make a set of little critters, so stay tuned......

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