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We Do Play Dates

Hi Friends! I wanted to share with you that I have another blog that I co-host with @BlackUnicornGoddessMom, called WeDoPlaydates. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

Join us for tons of fun...

  1. Follow the adventures of toddlers, Caleb & Zoë as they explore the world around them!

  2. Join us each month for a new #totschool theme!

  3. Follow us weekly for Tot School lesson plans!

  4. Every Tuesday is #MommyTipTuesday - where we share our personal hacks and tips on Motherhood!

"Our mission is to create a world where children learn through play and social interaction. Our goal is to show how peer social engagement helps with the development of social skills. We (The Moms) are also creating our own bond and friendship. Come along with us as we continue on this journey, playing all the way. Stay tuned for Caleb + Zoë’s next adventure."

#wedoplaydates #learningthroughplay #playdates #toddlerplay #socialdevelopment #socialskills

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