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What is a busy box?

A busy box or busy bag is filled with a variety of items your child can independently play with (and also give you some time to do other things in peace).

This is a FREE and easy DIY project that allows you to use recycled items i.e. a bag or box, and fill it with existing toys, trinkets, art materials and more. You can find an empty box (cardboard box, packaging, lunchbox, large pencil case, Tupperware, etc.) or available bag (examples could be a tote bag, reusable shopping bag, small backpack, paper bag, ziplock bag, etc.)

What you would do is fill the box or bag with an assortment of items. I would suggest items that they are starting to learn about. For example, the color red - you would fill it up with different items that are red. Or if they are into tinkering or building you can use items related to that, or it can simply be a variety of unrelated things for them to explore and use their imagination. The idea is to give them space for independent and quiet play.This especially comes in handy during travel. You can fill a ziplock bag (#busybag) with items that you could bring along for road trips or a restaurant, so that they are occupied and not bored.

I usually keep a ziplock bag of goodies to take out when we are out and about. At home I use random boxes and fill them with goodies, I like to keep it in the family room and move it around to different places for my daughter #16monthsold to find, open and see whatever goodies are inside.

I was holding on to this white box that I received a Christmas gift in, and finally found a use for it - a brand new fancy #BusyBox. I added a few foam stickers to dress it up and on this particular day, I put it in my daughters room for her to find as soon as she walked in after lunch.

This box has several peg dolls, blocks, wooden rings, laundry pegs, finger puppets, feathers, fabric strips and a homemade popsicle stick puzzle. My daughter, has only played with this particular box and assortment a few times now, but each time she returns to playing with this her focus is always different. She usually adds other toys like cars, dolls, utensils from her kitchen to feed the dolls (haha) and whatever she may be into at the moment will all be apart of her process. Meanwhile, I can chillax with a HOT cup of tea ;-)

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